EPNS Products

Problem Statement

EPNS notification protocol implements game theory, DeFi incentives and enables sending decentralized push notification in platform agnostic fashion. It's designed to be integrated with third-party wallets so that notifications could finally arrive and achieve the network effect on the blockchain.

Despite this, it does suffer from the classic chicken and egg problem! Which is, for dApps or services to implement the protocol, they would want the notifications to be delivered to their users and see the value before adopting it to send notifications, and unless they adopt it, it's going to be tough for user wallets to spend time in integrating a protocol and frontend for receiving notification.


In order to facilitate the adoption of the protocol and to provide value to services, we will also be building the product suite of EPNS.

Mobile App

Serves the purpose of delivering notifications from decentralized protocol to centralized EPNS Infra to centralized platforms (iOS and Android).


Enables receiving notifications from web browsers and also enables delivery of notifications from protocol to decentralized carriers.

EPNS Infra (Push Service)

Enables carrying notifications from decentralized protocol to centralized solutions (iOS, Android, Web, etc). Also enables third-party dApps, services and protocols to start experiencing the notification impact as notifications are delivered following the entire protocol / product lifecycle.


These are channels created and run by us for the benefit of the community and for users to come and see why push notifications transformed the traditional world. Few examples of showrunners which we will be running are:

  • Wallet crypto movement tracker

  • ENS domain expiry

  • Compound Liquidation alert

  • EthGas abnormal price alerter

  • Crypto price tracker

JS Library

Considerably reduces the integration time required for third party dApps, servers.

We see these products to enable instant value add to the protocol and help in increasing awareness and eventually drive the adoption of the protocol.

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