Subscribing to Channel


The service benefits from establishing a genuine communication channel with the user and the user benefits from receiving the notifications which would contain information useful to them, which is a great incentive in itself.

However, the decentralized web has also introduced some limitations of its own which are needed to be counteracted with incentives of decentralization to ensure seamless adaption and more benefits than traditional services. The common inconvenience with protocols in general and with EPNS in particular when a user needs to do a subscription action can be summarized as follows:

  • The users need to transact on blockchain to specifically subscribe or unsubscribe to a channel or multiple channels, this leads to an incentive issue, i.e. why would a user spend gas in most cases?

  • The users can be added by the channel in delegated fashion (though only once), this feature while required at times to ensure backward compatibility and handling of different use cases also leads to the issue of adding users without their consent. What can we do to ease the pain points?

To address these issues, we built means for the user to receive token incentives along with receiving notifications. The earning is designed to be relativity more rewarding for indirect action done on behalf of the user (channel subscribing them). The subscription section focuses a lot on the win-win aspect of Game Theory [6] and how the protocol ties to ease the pain points of the user by balancing them with incentives.

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