Basic Definitions

The following definitions are used in the rest of the whitepaper to refer to certain roles.




Any dApp / smart contract / centralized service / etc who wishes to send notifications.


Any service that has activated themselves on the protocol and thus can send notifications to their subscribers.


The user who have subscribed to a particular channel.


Any user who is present in protocol registry.

Stake Pool

The pool of staked fee charged when a service activates themselves as a channel.

Token Incentives Pool

The token incentives generated by the stake pool meant for distribution among subscribers of a channel in a weighted ratio favoring early subscribers.

Fee Pool

The fee earned by the protocol during certain actions, i.e. micro fees when sending notification, part of the penalty, etc.

Incentive Reserve

The user token incentives that haven't been moved to the user wallet and still present and mapped to the user in the protocol.

Ecosystem Development Pool (EDP)

Portion of the Fee Pool used to incentivize user wallets / infrastructure services that integrate EPNS protocol

Integration Upfront Reward Pool (IURP)

Portion of the Fee Pool allocated as instant bounty for integrating EPNS protocol

Other Concepts




The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. [3]

JSON payload

JavaScript Object Notation is used across the ecosystem for storage of data meant for consumption at frontend.

Unless explicitly mentioned, within the context of this whitepaper, the terms contract owners, services, channels or users always means wallet addresses that are anonymous.

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