User direct action subscribe


The user can opt to directly subscribe to a channel via an on-chain event, this enables the service to send notifications to the users, channel benefits from engagement with their subscriber while the subscriber benefits from receiving useful information through the notification and receive token incentives from them as well.

Game Theory and User Incentives

In order to ensure that the user is incentivized to do an on-chain transaction (however negligible), we have applied the following game theory:

  • The token incentives, which gets generated by the stake pool of the channels is distributed to the subscribers of the channel in a weighted manner.

  • This means that the earliest subscriber receives a higher share of the token incentives received by the channel than the subscriber coming later than them.

  • The user continues to accumulate token incentives from the channels they are subscribed to until they unsubscribe, in which case, the part of the token incentives that they have accumulated from that channel is automatically sent to their Incentive Reserve on the protocol.

  • The user can also withdraw all token incentives whenever they want without unsubscribing from any channel.

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