EPNS Protocol


Ethereum Push Notification Service protocol will be on the Ethereum blockchain that provides and standardises the ways by which notification on blockchain can operate.

In the future, the protocol can also support other blockchain by exploring bridging or migrating the contract and service to a particular blockchain.

Primary Use Cases & Features

  • Users

    • Users registry

    • Public key registry

  • Channels

    • Types of Channels

    • Channels registry

    • Special channels

    • Channel Activation & Deactivation

      • Game Theory and User Incentives

    • Deriving fair share of token incentives for a channel from stake pool

    • Updating Channel

    • Spam rating and throttling

  • Subscribers

    • Subscribing to Channels

      • User direct action subscribe

        • Game Theory and User Incentives

      • Deriving weighted token incentives accruing to a subscriber of a channel

      • Indirect subscribe action (delegate subscription of user by channel)

        • Game Theory and User Incentive

    • Unsubscribing from Channel

  • Sending Notifications

    • Protocol interfacing for Notifications

    • Delegation of notifications

  • Claiming Token incentives from Protocol

The primary use cases might change or tweaked in the future as more protocol features are built.

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