Future Features & Research

The following future features are getting researched on

  • Exploring IPNS (DNS) [7] for IPFS as a means to form a decentralized communication system between users.

  • IPNS is a static file on IPFS that points to your website that's hosted on IPFS.

  • We are researching ways in which we can use this to potentially form several communication point that are enabled between user to user.

  • This can lead to exciting possibilities, for example, having a chat thread on IPFS that carries with itself the previous hash (cid) and IPNS keeps on updating the latest hash as a pointer towards that chat.

  • This can also be explored to give way to possible decentralized video messaging and other exciting breakthroughs.

Since this is at research phase, we will update the paper once we have carried out a PoC in this regard.

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